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My Eagle River, AK Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer 2023 Fundraising Page

Eiley Kosbruk

Eiley Kosbruk

Please help me again this year to support The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation's great cause! Together, we can make a difference!

Eiley's 5K laps: 1. Jolene Petticrew 2. Jessica Chernikoff for her grandma Eva Wilson & her mom Roberta Alto (survivor) 3. Joni O’Domin for her uncle Johnny 4. Ruthann Angasan for her neighbor Wade in Alsea, OR 5. Carol Fletcher for her grandmother 6. Desirae Mack in honor of her uncle Ray Dushkin Sr. 7. Salleena O’Domin in honor of her dad Harold O’Domin Sr. 8. Yaana Alirez in honor of her dad Harold O’Domin Sr. 9. Derek Alirez for his aunty Mary in New Mexico 10. Augusta Edmund in remembrance of her late mother Adeline & aunt Anna 11. Marii Swetzof for her nana Clara Snigaroff 12. Barbara & Charles O’Domin Sr. in honor of Grandma Bernice 13. Nana Kalmakoff in honor of Lillian Kalmakoff & Harry Kalmakoff Jr. (survivor) 14. Maxine & Zia Christensen for their papa Sam 15. Natalie Lind for everyone battling cancer 16. Evan Kosbruk in memory and honor of great grandpa Glen (super survivor) & Great grandma Thayo (underlying) 17. Verna & Lynne Constantine in honor of her dad Moses Kosbruk Sr. 18. King Salmon O’Domins in honor of grandma Barbara (survivor) 19. Toni Christensen honoring Eiley and her dedication and hard work skating 20. Terrence Kosbruk in honor of his great grandfather Ignatius Kosbruk 21. Ida Clark in honor of Donna Norton 22. Barbara Franks honoring her son Richard Whitcraft (survivor) & remembering his father. 23. Jerry Godfrey for John & Elena, may cancer never touch them 24. Kimberly Smith in memory of her mom Charlotte, she did have cancer, but would be one of Eiley’s biggest cheerleaders if she were here 25. Olaf O’Domin for his great auntie Jeanette (survivor) 26. Gina McKindy for her late brother-in-law Tom Sharkey & cousin Arnold “Bo Bo” Demientieff 27. Diane Christensen honoring cancer survivors Gerda Kosbruk & Barbara O’Domin 28. Crystal Gunderson for Eiley’s grandma 29. Megan Alto 30. Nancy Opheim for Eiley & her family 31. Dena Royal 32. Alice Tcheripanoff honoring her hubby Demetri Tcheripanoff Sr. 33. Oxcenia O'Domin remembering her grandparents and family that lost their battle & her mom, auntie Jeanette, schooner friend Crystal & Gerda as survivors


She is CHALLENGING all friends and family to meet (or beat) her initial $15 donation! She will skate a lap in your name and for whomever you would like to honor that has been impacted by cancer. All donations posted 9/6/2023 until 9/29 will be included in the CHALLENGE until all 35 laps are filled. currently 17 laps are dedicated! If you would like to join the challenge - please add whom ever you would like to honor through your lap in the comment section below.


Eiley's 2021 Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer program

Eiley's 2022 Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer program

Eagle River Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer Celebration show 2022

Eiley - July 2023

Eiley - April 2023

As a young Sugpiaq & Unangax̂ girl - Eiley recognizes and honors Amonute's (Pocahontas) bravery & sacrifices with this program.


raised of $3,000 goal


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