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Erase the Trace
4th Annual Charity Cycling Event
October 5, 2024 on the Natchez Trace
115-Mile Ride    10-Mile Ride

Erase the Trace of Glioblastoma was established as CARES' charity cycling event in 2021 to fund research into the treatment of glioblastoma tumors.  

Even with the successful surgical removal of a glioblastoma tumor, a trace of cancer cells remains, waiting to attack again.  Our ride is named both for these trace margins and the Natchez Trace Parkway, the premier location of our event.  

Professional cyclist Johnny Burrell will ride to honor his late wife Ruth McGinnis, and the Founder of Erase the Trace Scott Williams, both of whom passed from cancer.

The Ride The Route Fund Cancer Research
Choose from the full 115-mile ride
with Johnny B or the 10-mile to honor
the people in your life
impacted by cancer. 
Enjoy the scenic Natchez Trace,
including the iconic double
arch bridge on the 115-mile ride
Our riders are also fundraisers
supporting cancer research! 
Fundraising minimums
apply, see below

Join the Ride
1) Register to ride and be a part of our fundraising efforts.  Choose your route (all 115-miles with Johnny B, or the 10-mile out and back) and fundraise for cancer research through your personal webpage.  
          115-Mile Ride: Beginning at Mile Marker 329 (Colbert Ferry) on the Tennessee River and Ending at the Loveless Cafe
          10-Mile Ride: 5-miles out from the Loveless Cafe and 5-miles back
2) Raise funds by asking your network to donate and support you as you ride for cancer research. 

Fundraising minimums to ride are as follows and include your registration fee:
          115-Mile Ride: raise or self-donate a total of $1,000 by October 4th.  Balance due at rider check-in. 
          10-Mile Ride: raise or self-donate a total of $200 by October 4th.  Balance due at rider check-in. 

3) Ride and Celebrate!  Enjoy the beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway as you ride to Erase the Trace of glioblastoma!  Our ride on October 5 begins for the 115-Mile riders on the Natchez Trace at Mile Marker 329 in Colbert Ferry and ends at the Loveless Cafe where light refreshments will be provided for all riders! 
Donate to Support Our Riders and Our Goal
You can donate to a rider's fundraising goal or to our general fundraising efforts!  Your donation provides crucial research funding for the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, advancing treatment options for Glioblastoma and changing the future of cancer care. 
Celebrate with Us
Your efforts are worth celebrating!  Erase the Trace culminates with a celebration at the Loveless Cafe for registered riders, but that's not the only way to celebrate.  Virtually, we'll celebrate by sharing our race bibs, training photos, tracking our progress, and through our group page on Facebook. 

Our Founder Scott Hamilton, who spent most of his career upside down in the rink doing his signature backflip, has taken his platform as an Olympic Gold Medalist and used his force for good, establishing the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation (CARES) and empowering all of us to Turn Cancer Upside Down™! Launched in 2014, CARES is a national 501(c)3 dedicated to changing the future of cancer by funding advanced, innovative research that treats the cancer while sparing the patient.
Thanks to our dedicated community of supporters, CARES provides funding to like-minded healthcare partners nationwide for research, cancer patient support services, and cancer patient ancillary services. CARES, which stands for Cancer Alliance for Research, Education, and Survivorship, is creating a network built on strong partnerships with leading institutions, cancer organizations, and researchers from across the nation.

Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to changing the future of cancer by funding advanced innovative research that treats the cancer while sparing the patient.  Financial and other information about our charity’s purpose, programs and activities can be obtained by contacting the Executive Director at P.O. Box 360468 Franklin, TN 37068 or (844)726-8884.  The headquarters of this organization is located at:  4588 Carothers Parkway Franklin, TN  37069.  Our Tax I.D. Number is 47-2328142.  Registration in a state does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation of Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, Inc. by that State.