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Zoe's Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer 2023 Fundraising Page

Zoe Leibowitz

Zoe Leibowitz

My name is Zoe Leibowitz, and I am 11 years old and 5th grader at Hathaway Brown School.
I LOVE skating. I start skating by 6:30am before school and I skate after school and I skate on the weekends. I work really hard at the rink and at school and I am SO lucky to have the opportunity to skate ALL the time.
My family and I have a lot of friends who have cancer. Or who had cancer and are ok now. I am so glad that treatments are so good and that so many of our friends are ok. But I know how hard the cancer treatments were. Lots of them felt really sick and lost all their hair.
I am excited to help raise money for the Scott Hamilton CARES foundation. Started by the great figure skater Scott Hamilton, the foundation raises money for research into cancer treatments that both destroy the cancer and aren't so hard for the patient.
Every dollar I raise funds advanced, innovative research through the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, as well as  their healthcare partners.   AND when I raise money here in Cleveland, it supports cancer research at The Cleveland Clinic!
Thank you SO MUCH for considering donating to my fundraiser!
sincerely, Zoe


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