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My Virtual 5k Fundraising Page

Nancy Marion

Nancy Marion

Please help me support the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation and Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer™ by making a contribution to my fundraiser, sharing this page, or joining me for this Virtual 5k! Every dollar I raise will advance CARES' mission and enable them to continue to fund cancer research that treats the cancer while sparing the patient.

When we come together, we can do extraordinary things - thank you for joining me!


My 6th 5K this month, on a track


Some of my 5K will be on a pedal board


I raised my goal because friends have been so generous! I will be doing my 5K challenge soon. I'm in heavy training.


raised of $975 goal

Recent Donations

1. Cynthia Martin
2. Carolyn McGillicuddy
3. Linda Blount
Amazing Nancy! Good Luck!
4. Roger K. Foulkes
5. Sue Phelps
Way to go Nancy! Good luck!
6. Sandi Seigel
Way to go Nancy!

10 Kilometers

of 5 Kilometer goal