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Adrianna's Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer 2020 Fundraising Page

Adrianna Toy

Adrianna Toy

Hi everyone!

This is my 5th year fundraising for the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation. This year is by far the most important year to me. We all know this has been an insane year and I wanted to help bring a little bit of joy into some people’s lives. A lot has happened to me and my family this year that really inspired me to fundraise.

First, and most importantly, my Uncle beat B Cell Lymphona this year. His treatment was very hard on him, but from the very day he was diagnosed with it he knew he was going to beat it. He never let it bring him down and he was the most amazing warrior. I was so inspired by his positive attitude.

I also had to fight a battle this year with my mental health. With skating being taken away from me for almost 4 months due to Covid, I found myself with bad anxiety. The one place I went to de-stress was gone and this was very rough. I didn’t go a single day for about 2 months where I wasn’t worrying about every single thing that happened to me. In my brain everything was deadly. For example, if I had a headache, my brain immediately told me it was a tumor. If my leg hurt, it was a blood clot. I wasn't thinking logically at all and I would way too often worry myself to the point where I would have panic attacks. The months of worry had a huge affect on my body. I was always tired and achy, my stomach was always upset, bad dreams, and I was just exhausted from it all. One day I decided enough was enough!! With some help from my mom and some trusted friends I got some help and decided then and there that I was over feeling the way I was. I’m doing a lot better now and I’m back on the ice. But, the one thing that really helped me when I was worrying and couldn’t be on the ice, was my love for art. I started sketching and painting anytime I started having a panic attack as a way to calm down. So this year I’ll be selling paintings to show you what I have been working on while I wasn’t at the rink.

This year, my uncle and I both learned how strong we are and that you should never give up no matter what your challenge may be!

Thank you!


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