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My Alaska Sk8 to Elimin8 Cancer 2021 Fundraising Page

Sarah Mccormick

Sarah McCormick

Dearest friends, family and all haters of cancer. As most of you know, my family’s world was turned upside down and unraveled to the bitter core when my 7 year old niece was diagnosed with leukemia. Since her initial diagnosis, about 8 years ago now, Sophia has undergone years and years and years of grueling, painful, and toxic treatments, relapsed twice, undergone innovative T-cell therapy and finally an incredibly scary, risky and successful bone marrow transplant. What she and her family have endured and fought through is impossible to EVER explain to someone who hasn’t seen it first hand.

I am so thankful that Sophia is where she is today and I pray in the deepest part of my soul that others can be spared from this monster known as cancer. But it won’t just happen magically.

As my family brutally found out, Cancer doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t wait, so why should we?! We mustn’t wait. Please help me support cancer research by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. This particular fundraiser is near and dear to my heart for it combines the very most important things in my life; the love of my family, the sport that has been with me my entire life and a deep, deep passion for fighting cancer. Every dollar I raise funds advanced, innovative research through the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, as well as their healthcare partners. 30% of the net proceeds will go to the children’s hospital at Providence Alaska.

Thank you all so much!!!!! Every single dollar helps.


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Love this event! Thank you for all your efforts!
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Much love ❤️
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